Switching a My Choice plan to old phone

I have a Moto G7 which I purchased from Republic. I’m very happy with the phone and plan. I also have a Moto G4, also from Republic, which I have kept as up to date as possible in case there is an issue with the G7 (lost, crushed, etc.) I’d planned on switching back to the G4 in case of disaster. It this still possible under the new rules?

Hi @ravenrgg,

So long as the SIM in the Moto G7 is GSM, yes. Details are linked here:

The article is titled for upgrades but going in the other direction works equally well if the SIM is GSM.

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I think it’s useful to remember that as of the news about WiFi , a " Republic compatible " phone has some nuances now.

The article is not official documentation and was written prior to recent events. It will be retitled at my earliest convenience. But, hey I’m not getting paid for this gig and it’s the day before Christmas. :santa:


Understood, but it’s kind of important that people who rely on WiFi (for reasons of coverage or for minimizing data use ) know those details. That was the only reason for my suggestion.

Take the rest of the day off! :slight_smile:

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