Switching back and forth between two phones and staying on 1.0 plan?


I am on a 1.0 plan. I have two compatible 1.0 phones. Will I be able to switch my one and only 1.0 plan between these phones as needed easily? I would like to use my two phones in different situations- ie. Travel vs day to day use. If possible, what is the process I must follow? I must stay on 1.0. Thanks for any help with this issue.


To switch between two 1.0 phones just activate one as a replacement for the other. Every time you do this the underlying Sprint number gets changed so doing this often re-uses a lot of numbers (a waste) and you risk getting a number that was used by some deadbeat and gets a lot of collection calls.

I’m curious to know what compels you to stay on the 1.0 plans. I much prefer the 2.0 Republic Refund plans which my RW friends and I have found to be the best deal in the cellular industry. We are not heavy data users.


Thanks for the reply Bill! I prefer the 1.0 because I occasionally use quite a bit of data. I like not having to worry about that.


I understand why the heavier data users would want to stay on the 1.0 plan but if the data usage was “occasional” (say, twice a year) those refunds might more than offset the periods of heavy consumption. On the other hand if it’s twice a month then yes, the 1.0 plan would probably be better.

I’m one the 3.0 plan and use about 100 Mb a month because WiFi is available almost everywhere I go.