Switching back to my OnePlus 6T in case my Pixel 4 XL quits working

How easy is it to switch back to my OnePlus 6T for my primary phone if my Pixel 4 XL stops working?

The answer is a very definitive “it depends”. On your Pixel, if you open the Republic App, then click the little gear icon at the top and then About, what does it say there for “SIM Type”?

My Pixel is a GSM sim card while the OnePlus 6T was a phone I bought to Republic through the BYOP program.

Moving back to the 6T would be as simple as moving the SIM from the Pixel to that phone and then opening the Republic App.

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OK. That sounds good. The back of my Pixel is coming unglued so I wanted to make sure I am prepared with a phone in case it goes belly up until I decide if I want to order a new one. I know this is off topic of what I asked, but do you have any recommendations of what phones are a good buy?

Frankly, my standard recommendation is the Pixel line. I’ve got a 4XL, 4a, and 4a XL in my family.

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