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I bought a Moto Z Play from another RW member and will be activating it with a new SIM tomorrow. It replaces a Moto X Pure I’ve had some problems with. But I still may want to use my Pure occasionally. I realize removing the SIM from the Z Play and putting it in the Pure would accomplish that. However, it would be easier for me to leave the existing SIM in the Pure and just reactivate it. This is my question: does RW prefer switching the SIM when switching between phones or reactivating the respective SIM when switching phones? Or does it even matter? I’m thinking it’s no big deal whichever way (it won’t happen often), but don’t want to cause any problems.


Hi @larc919,

If I’m understanding what you hope to accomplish correctly, you want to be able to periodically move service on a single Republic number between the Z Play and the X Pure? If I’ve got that right, I think you’ll find moving the SIM between phones to be the easiest means of doing so.

You could do it by reactivating the SIM in the X Pure but would need to do this swap at least every 20 days to keep that SIM alive. Once activated, deactivated Republic 3.0 SIMs are only good for 20 days, then die.


Oops! I had forgotten about the expiration. Thanks for that, @rolandh. I have to fight the Pure SIM slot to get it open, but wouldn’t want to reactivate often enough to keep the SIM valid.


You’re most welcome!

I find the Republic supplied SIM removal tool to be ineffective for opening the Pure’s SIM tray. Motorola’s supplied tool works well for me. Otherwise, the straightened end of a small paper clip typically gets the job done.


I use the tool that came with the phone, but the hatch is still stubborn. I can easily get it to come out slightly, but not far enough to even slip a fingernail into the space. If I keep at it, I can eventually get it out. The hatch on the Z Play pops out on first try.


One side-note which applies to both scenarios but isn’t easily obvious for moving the SIM
is that…moving the SIM between phones…still requires the phone to go through a short activation sequence before your service can be usable. This activation requires a WiFi connection. It is not enough to have a cellular data connection.


Thanks for the reminder, @amitl. I hadn’t specifically remembered that, but it’s very unlikely I would ever want to switch phones other than at home where I have good WiFi coverage.


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