Switching from MotoG3 to MotoG7Power

Loved my MotoG3 for almost 4 years, but it’s not working dependably. Just ordered MotoG7 Power. Not very technically adept–is this an easy switch? In a perfect world I need to have the phone number, my contacts list, photos and ideally my texts. What happens with the SIM card with my photos on it in the old phone? Thanks, again, I apologize for not being phone savvy, I have a lot of skills, this isn’t one of them.

It’s not hard to switch

to move the number(line) over you need to go though activation on the new phone though the Republic App

the best advice on how to do this is found in this blog

there are no Photos stored on the SIM, the SIM just provides access to Republic’s Network Partners LTE on the Moto G3, This SIM is linked to the Phone and needs to stay with it. if you ordered from Republic the new Phone will come with the SIM it needs already installed.

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Did you order the phone from RW or elsewhere?
If you bought it from a 3rd party such as Amazon then you will also need to get a new SIM card from RW

or Amazon

The old SIM from your G3 will not work in the G7 Power, that SIM must stay with the G3.

You may want to look at this for some additional info

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