Switching from one OLD RW phone to another


My phone has gotten more and more unstable, possibly partly due to the very cracked screen (partly due to my children…). When my mother-in-law left RW a few years ago she gave me her phone, which I think is identical to mine (Moto G). I kept it thinking that I could use it when mine finally died. I think it is time to try activating hers, but just wanted to check in before I do to make sure there are no problems I should be aware of regarding switching between two OLD phones - is there a chance I will deactivate my current phone and then find out that my MIL’s phone is somehow not supported etc. Thanks for giving me courage.


Make sure that both phones are one of the Moto (X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 or E2)
You should factory reset your mother-in-law’s phone to start with a clean slate

and then you can activate it as a replacement to your phone.


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