Switching from Samsung J7 to Samsung Note8: Use J7 sim card?

I want to change from my Republic bought Samsung J7 to an unlocked ‘GSM’ Samsung Note8 (SMN950U) to be purchased on Amazon.

Once I buy the Note8, will I just be able to insert the Sim card from the J7 and then be able to make calls/text on the Republic network with the Note8?

That S8 won’t work with Republic. Only model SM-N950U1 the factory unlocked GSM/CDMA version will work with Republic.

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The ‘1’ at the end of model # is critical for Republic?

It is the phone without it won’t work with Republic.

Good to know. I will definitely pay attention to the exactness of the model#.

So if I do the correct purchase, will my J7 sim card work in the new Samsung phone?

Yes, it will. I’ve got more information here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone

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Great. Thanks.

I plan on giving the Samsung J7 (sans the sim card) to a relative and let them sign up for their own Republic Wireless account.

Based on our exchange, I would assume that when they buy their sim card from Republic it will work in the 2018 J7 phone I bought, correct?


Thanks much for all your help.


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