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I have a Samsung S8+ that I bought via Amazon. I got the sim from T-Mobil. I have an old subscription with T-Mobile that allows me to only buy minutes, with Internet surfing via WiFi only next to my PC. I usually buy 100 mins which lasts about a year. I cannot make or receive calls in my house.

I’m wanting to know 1) How much it would cost per month to switch to RW? 2) Would I be able to make and receive calls both inside and while driving around Pahoa HI. 96778. 3) Would I be able to surf the internet with RW away from my PC? 4) Would I still be able to keep my existing cell phone number. I’m not a heavy user, 1-2 calls per week and about 30 mins online per day.

I’m also planning on switching two landline tel numbers from Hawaiian Tel to Spectrum—this because H’wn Tel can’t get to fix the lines into my house for 10 days.

I rec’d an email:
"Online johnny_5 said:

“Hi Kerry, Your Republic Wireless service includes the ability to make and receive calls on…”
but I can’t find it on the website. Also, I click on “View Answer” in the email and it brings me to https://republicwireless-rtm.directly.com/login/auth but it won’t accept my log in which does work here. Got suggestion?

Hi @kerrithk.bru6ww,

Welcome to our Member Community!

What is the model number on the back of the phone? If this is a carrier-branded phone, it is not supported by Republic WIreless.

Our plan pricing is here: Cell Phone Plans – Republic Wireless

Taxes and regulatory fees are added to the $15/$5 price shown, but we do not add bogus fees or overage charges.

Coverage is estimated on our coverage map, but sometimes real-life experience varies. We offer a 14-day money back guarantee to give you time to try the service and see what you think. Our Bring-Your-Own-Phone SIM card provides the same coverage as T-Mobile.
Using the internet when not connected to Wi-Fi requires cellular data, which would depend both on your coverage and whether or not you purchase data in your plan.

You can verify that in the number-checker box, here: Make the Switch to Republic Wireless Today – Republic Wireless

Our “Ask an Expert” program is operated by a third-party company. The login there is separate from our system. Use the “forgot it?” link on that page to reset your password without affecting your Republic Wireless login.

The only caveat I see to your interest in switching to Republic is that we do not ship to Hawaii. You could order our SIM card from Amazon, but our Help Team would not be able to send any replacement SIM card should a support need call for one.


Got monthly costs. Thanks.

I read on this site that my Samsung S8+ (model SM-G955UI) will work with RW. Yes? I bought it from Amazon. I bought the sim card from T-Mobile.

When I asked T-Mobile if I could upgrade my subscription to their full package so that I could test surfing while on the road, they said that I would not be able to switch back to my present grandfathered subscription that allows minutes renewal. For me about #25.00 per year.

If I switch to RW:

  1. Will I be able to surf the internet both in my house and on the road?
  2. Would my PC and Smartphone need to be on 24/7 so as to receive calls inside?
  3. I’m not understanding how RW would work for my present five corded phones. Will I still be able to use my corded phones in the house?
  4. Presently, I can’t make or receive Smartphone calls in my house, only on the road. Can someone tell me what the advantage would be for me to switch to RW?
    Much thanks, Kerry

Presuming that’s a 1 and not an I at the end of the model string, yes!

Do you have a WiFi network at home. That’s the best way of surfing the Internet at home whether on a computer or a smartphone. For on the road Internet access, you would need to add cell data to your My Choice plan, which may be done on an as needed or recurring basis.

In order to receive calls on the S8+, the phone would need to be powered on. Republic can’t send calls to a computer, so that’s a no.

With an optional purchase, potentially yes. For more on that, please see here: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Extend Home Adapter.

I’m perplexed on this one. Your T-Mobile coverage doesn’t allow for indoor calls? Again, do you have a WiFi network at home for Internet access. If so. Republic is able to leverage that for both calling and text messaging, if the inability to make calls at home with T-Mobile is the result of weak signal. Have you ever asked T-Mobile about signal strength at your address? What does the map say for signal strength if you enter your address here: Cell Phone Coverage Map – Republic Wireless?

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[quote=“rolandh, post:5, topic:29377”]
Have you ever asked T-Mobile about signal strength at your address? [/quote] Pahoa, Hawaii. I tried their signal booster and I still couldn’t call in or out. The T-Mobil map and the RW map say yes. With cell I can call and receive outside up the hill.

Looking at RootMetrics map…that area seem to have the best coverage by VZW.

Hi @kerrithk.bru6ww,

Republic provisions phones for cellular coverage with one of two network partners. One partner is T-Mobile and looking at their maps your experience makes sense. T-Mobile’s coverage in and around Pahoa is, at best, fair and in some spots non-existent. T-Mobile describes fair as “Cell reception outdoors and occasionally indoors”.

Republic’s other network partner is Sprint and while, perhaps, not perfect Sprint’s coverage in and around Pahoa is considerably better looking than T-Mobile’s Republic would be able to provide a SIM provisioned with Sprint coverage for your S8+. If interested, here’s how to acquire that SIM:

While I think Sprint coverage would be an improved experience for you when out and about, Republic’s great strength indoors at home is use of WiFi. Do you connect your computer to the Internet at home? If so, how? Do you have a WiFi network at home?

We normally would be able to do so, but we can’t ship to Hawaii, which is why I mentioned one caveat in my earlier reply.

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Hi @kerrithk.bru6ww,

These questions make me think that you are looking for something Republic isn’t. Especially since I thought I answered the first question in my first reply to you. That you are asking it again makes me think my answer didn’t fit at all with your expectations, so you needed to ask it again.

Republic Wireless offers cell phone service that also integrates Wi-Fi calling and texting. If you have a good Wi-Fi network at home (that you buy separately, from an internet service provider), you can call, text, and surf the internet from home using Wi-Fi rather than cell service. Any Android phone can surf the internet on Wi-Fi, that part is not unique to Republic Wireless.

If your coverage is good and you pay for cellular data, you can do the same when you are “on the road.” Though I hope you won’t try surfing the internet while driving.

Using Wi-Fi at home does not require your computer to be on. It requires you to have a Wi-Fi network served by a router.

Republic only very recently launched a solution that would allow you to use your present corded phones as an extension to your cell phone - sharing the same number. Other than that, we don’t offer residential (landline) service.

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Given that I presently can’t make/receive call inside with T-Mobile it look as though I wouldn’t see any benefits switching to RW. Correct? My apologies, senior-type comprehension problems.

You mentioned in your first post that you are switching landline providers. Do you have an internet service provider and a Wi-Fi router?

If so, and if it is a reasonably good connection, you would be able to call and text over Wi-Fi when in your home.


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