Switching Moto X 1st Gen to new plan?

Hi I currently have a Moto X 1st Gen phone, and pay about $17-$18 a month with the refund plan that gives me 0.5 GB of data. I frequently need a bit more data, and wind up buying more which costs another $7. I noticed that the new choice plan gives 1 GB data and is only $20 a month, and I would like to switch but for the life of me I can’t see where to do this, when I log in on the app it no longer shows an option to “switch plans” it simply tells me what plan I have.

Any ideas?

Thank you!!

I’m afraid that the new plans are available only on the new phones. Should you decide to move to a new device, you should have no issue selling your X1 on a site like eBay or Swappa because there are a number of folks who really don’t want to give up their refund plans and therefore need a legacy Republic phone like yours.

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