Switching numbers with google voice


tl:dr take my RW number to google voice and google voice number to RW at the same time. problems?

I currently have a number on google voice and a number with republic wireless. i joined back before you could port a number in. I’ve always thought of my old number as my main number so now that I just purchased a new phone i would like to take my google voice number and put that on the phone and at the same time transfer my RW number to google voice. this way i can ween people off of that number over time. am i going to run into issues doing this at the same time?


Not possible for a couple of reasons:

  1. You can’t swap number between active lines on two different service providers because the number has to go somewhere and when one moved it would cause the other to cancel. You would need an intermediate stop for one of the numbers.

  2. You need an intermediate stop for one of the numbers anyway, because Google Voice won’t accept Republic numbers for transfer. See: http://republic-wireless.wikia.com/wiki/Transferring_a_Republic_Number_to_a_Service_Provider_That_Refuses_Landlines


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