Switching one of two RW phones to new carrier


Hi! My husband and I each have a Moto G3 on Republic’s old data refund plan, and we want to update our phones soon. I’m considering porting my number over to Google Fi, but my husband would like to stay with RW and try the new plan structure. Our RW account was originally set up under my name and phone back in 2014, and we added him later. That being the case, will it cause any problems with his account if he stays and I leave RW? I just want to be sure before I make a decision.


If your’e leaving him on your account you should be fine. If he wants the account under his name now you will need to contact support.

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Yes, we would leave him on my account. Thanks for your help!


You should actually be able to change the name on the account without any issue, yourself, if that’s what you want to do. Account Management | Republic Wireless

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Far as you know no CC billing issues arise if account name uses different 1st/last name? Thanks.

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The name on the account and that on the credit card need not match. Some folks set up accounts for their kids using their credit cards as the payment source, for example.

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Thanks. for confirming no billing issues with the name changes.

FYI, minor inconvenience or coincidence? Immediately after changing my account name a couple of hours ago the RWA program auto closed or crashed on my PC and I had to sign into RWA again on my phone.


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Change my account name back to a more proper one today, I again need to sign back into RWA on my phone and other devices.


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