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My brother and I have been having our phones on the same bank account for a few years but we are trying to get our phones assigned to our own individual bank accounts now. I understand you can’t assign two debit/credit cards to the same RW account, but it is possible to make a new RW account and assign one of the phones to this new account? This would be a terrific help.

If you could let me know at your earliest convenience that would be fantastic!

Thanks for all you do,


Yes, this is possible but it requires a service ticket if both phone numbers are to be preserved. If one of you doesn’t care about getting a new phone number let me know and I’ll tell you how to do this yourself.

One of you would open a new account with payment info on the RW website. Once that is done the original account holder would need to request the other line/service/# be transferred to the new account. Request can be made by opening a Support ticket.

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