Switching Phones/Underlying Number


I have two Moto Xg1s and I want to switch my number to the inactive phone as the active phone is starting to misbehave after 4 years of good use. Yes, I have cleared the cache many times.

Does anyone know if the underlying number will remain intact when I activate the 2nd phone? I searched but I found thing that definitively gives me an answer. I have been using the underlying number for some things since using my republic wireless number does not always work for some SMS services. Yes, I have an open ticket about this issue with RW and it has been somewhat sssslllloooowwwwly being addressed by varies respondents to my ticket.

My phone was encrypted back in 2014 when I added my work email and the company policy required encryption. Does anyone know if that will cause any issues with the switch to the second device?

I have google authenticator and Duo for 2FA. Have anyone ever switched phones and been able to resync these two apps so they work as they did on the previous device?

Note to self: Don’t tie so many things into your device(s) without fully testing the restore to a new device thoroughly and restoring repeatedly as changes are made to the device.

Thank you


switching phones will change the underlying number

the encryption should not effect the transfer to the new phone (activation is done on the replacement phone)


can’t answer for duo, but I ran into a problem with google authenticator
I would highly recommend you remove 2fa via from google authenticator from all account that you have using it, then delete the accounts from the authenticator app on the old phone, and reset it up on the new phone. now it may work for you now, but when I did it, it did not work, glad I had the old phone still around in order to get into the accounts,
also I hope you have a 2nd access point for your 2fa into each account…
my 2 cents…


For protection I generated a set of the 1 time use codes (https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/1187538?hl=en). Then I made the switch. When Authenticator wouldn’t work to start, I used a one-time use code and then re set-up Authenticator. You can then either delete the one-time use codes in your account or store them safely somewhere so that they can be used in case of a phone failure or other such related event.


For Google Authenticator I followed the instuctions at the URL below and didn’t have any issues:


I’m not too sure what needs to sync with Duo. I seldom use it.


Thanks everyone for your replies. I feel a little less anxious about switching my phone. I do have the one time use code from Google authenticator so that part should be easy. I also found how to add addition devices to duo so that will be easy as well. Now, I just have to bite the bullet and do it. I hate having to retire a device.


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