Switching phones within same account

I have two Moto X 1st gen phones with Republic. One has a current phone number. The other is inactive.
I would like to switch the current phone number to the inactive phone. The inactive phone used to be active, but that number was moved to a new upgraded phone. So I need to move a phone number off the current Moto X it is on to the other Moto X that had been used, but is currently not being used. How do I do that so that the currently unused Moto X recognizes the phone number? I am basically trying to switch phones, same brand, same gen, using same phone number.

take the inactive one and open the RW app, it will want to activate, follow the directions, please read screen carefully, at one point it will ask you if you wish to get a new number or replace one of the ones you already have. you will tap the number you with to move to the phone you are now activating…


The only other thing that you may want to consider, if the new user of the phone isn’t the same user that used it previously, is starting with a factory reset (Factory Reset – Republic Help).

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Does the activation take effect immediately?

Activation is nearly instant

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Nearly instant is relative…these day >1 minute isn’t instant to me.

I just reactivated a G1 last night and the process from start to finish was at least 15 minutes. If you sit and stare at the screen waiting for the next step it might take a little less time but will seem like at least an hour.

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I agree
it’s usually 5-10 minutes when switching between my 1st gen and my 2nd gen Moto X
15 minutes still isn’t to bad (not like it’s hours or days)

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Well it took 5 min total for me to change sims an reactivate my
phone I was on gsm an changed to cdma a much better sig than the gsm was The phone is a byop nexus 5x Will say from start to finish the RW chat an service I know is the best.

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Yeah the 3.0 phones are really quick to go through the reactivation required when going from GSM to CDMA or the reverse. Just be sure to check it’s complete by making a phone call.

Yes did that made about 3 of them an one was on duo video call.
That works real good

Good you did a proper ops check. Last time doing a GSM to CDMA swap after reactivation I checked my web access & speeds then assumed all was good because my RW arc was solid. The following day when trying to call VM discovered some other configuration message from RW. It required an OK then then a short time before the phone auto rebooted. Finished my phone ops check.

It raises the question to me of what if I hadn’t been at home with a good cell signal and WiFi the next day? Could the activation process to allow calls have been finished if out in the boonies with only voice roaming?

It worked, thank you very much!

On of the great bennies of RW, it worked.

You Know I have not had that happen to me on my phones.
I dont know. I will have to test check out in the morning . Let you Know what happens

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