Switching rw phones


How do I keep my same number if I am switching from a Republic Wireless moto e to another Republic wireless phone?


During activation you will have the option to upgrade a line


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During the activation process you’ll be given the option to activate as a replacement for the current #.

Activate | Republic Wireless

Detailed…Activate My Phone

**Type of Activation **

On the Type of Activation screen, you can choose to add a new line of service or upgrade/replace your existing service line.

  • If you’re adding a new service line to your account, tap Add a new number to this phone. Tap Add a line again in the pop up message.

  • If you’re upgrading/replacing your service line, tap Activate as (xxx) xxx-xxxx. (Tapping this option will not replace your phone number, it will move your phone number to your new phone.) Tap Upgrade Line in the pop up message.