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Looking for info on switching my current phone, Moto G5 plus to a unlocked Galaxy S8 Plus.
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Sylvia, How can we help. The G5+ you’re on is already an unlocked phone and so the transition should be fairly painless. The S8+, it is the FACTORY unlocked version?


I believe it would be, gonna purchase it from Best Buy


Take a look here to make sure you’re getting the right version: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone

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Do you know which Carrier Partner your Moto G5+ is on ?
if it is currently with the GSM partner (T-mobile) a SIM Slot is all it should take
If it’s on the CDMA partner you would need a BYOD GSM SIM (and if GSM coverage is not good in your location a support ticket can have a CDMA SIM sent out after the phone is activated on GSM (note the Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, or Note 8 are currently GSM only but Republic is working on CDMA option for these)

one can dial *#*#786#*#* on the Moto G5+ and if you get a Sprint Menu then you are on the CDMA partner else you are on the GSM partner

Republic Store Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless (currently $0 with free but slow shipping)
Amazon Republic BYOD SIM $5 with 2 day Shipping with Prime
Tickets | Republic Wireless


I have a Samsung S7 and the Moto G5s with Republic, just thinking of swapping the Moto for the S8 plus. Pretty sure the S8 + is a unlocked CDMA but will double check.


Please note, it can’t just be “unlocked”. It MUST be “factory unlocked”. Meaning only the specific model, as described here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone can be used with Republic. If the phone has any carrier branding at all (logo at startup, carrier apps, etc) it won’t work with Republic.


Yay or Nay

  • Universal Unlocked


  • Data Transmission Type


  • Wireless Compatibility


  • Network Type


  • 4G LTE Band

1, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 2, 20, 25, 26, 28, 29, 3, 30, 38, 39, 4, 40, 41, 5, 66, 7, 8

  • GSM 2G Frequency

1800, 1900, 850, 900

  • CDMA 2G Frequency

1900, 800, 850

  • GSM 3G Frequency

1700, 1900, 2100, 850, 900

  • CDMA 3G Frequency

1900, 800

  • 4G LTE Frequency

1500, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2100, 2300, 2400, 2


That doesn’t tell us that it will work with Republic. It MUST be the specific model shown at the link I provided.

Basically on the phone it must read: “SM-G955U1” as the model. The longer SKU must end in XAA. No other model, not matter the specs, will work.

I’ll note, if you’re purchasing it from Best Buy, they use the longer model SKU ending in XAA. Again, all the info is at the link I provided.


Best Buy also may label the S8+ as SMG955u1KAX) (from the tip you linked to)


No # 1 in the number, sooooooooooooo I need to drop twenty and punt. Will keep looking for one, THANK YOU for the help !!!

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Hi @sylvian.cgzi0f,

Bestbuy web site https://www.bestbuy.com/site/samsung-galaxy-s8-64gb-unlocked-midnight-black/5803742.p?skuId=5803742 shows SM-G955UZKAXAA and one of the numbers shown here Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless when you enter BYOP information.

You may note RW’s number there doesn’t have the 1 in it.


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Please note that I said:

The key part being ON THE PHONE. 100%, whether it is being advertised as the SM-G955UZKAXAA or SMG955u1KAX they’re different ways of naming the SM-G955U1 version of the phone. It will ALWAYS says SM-G955U1 on the phone, if it is the compatible version of the phone.


That’s true but a member would need to have the phone in hand to check or ask a seller to verify. If the phone is in hand the RW app could be used to determine the if the phone was compatible.
I believe in your T&T it would be helpful to explain further that the 1 will not be in numbers many vendors may have. Your further confusion statement adds confusion IMO.

On the box or websites: In this case the SKU must start with SMG950U, SMG955U, SMN950U, SMG960U or SMG965U and MUST end with XAA. The letters in between don’t matter, as they simply indicate color and capacity.



This is the number that Samsung gave me, if I read it right it says that SKU SM-G955UZXAXAA is the one I need for RW. Thanks again


That is indeed a version that will work with Republic.

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