Switching to another phone on our plan


My daughter has decided to go to the iphone and is leaving Republic. I want to take her newer Moto X and make it my own. How do I delete her from our account and transfer my number to her phone?


Once her number is ported out and her Moto X is deactivated [by the porting process] you can reactivated on you account by opening up the Republic app and activate using your account information and selecting replace/upgrade a line,]

Normally I recommend a factory data reset but with the Google play services issue I would skip it at this time

This is assuming both you current phone an her phone are 1.0/2.0 phones


I think Google has resolved the play services issue. If I’m wrong about that a workaround has been posted to the wiki: Solving Common Problems | Republic Wireless Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia.


Hi @kareng.kmg ,

If you let us know which Moto X your daughter has, we can provide the exact instructions to move that phone onto your line so it will take on your phone number.


She has the Moto X 2nd gen. And thanks so much everyone!



follow the instructions above and your number should move over the the Moto X 2nd Gen