Switching to another provider and keeping Republic beta discount?

This is my situation:

  • I have a Pixel 3 that’s on it’s last legs.
  • I am a beta tester and have the beta discount (Wave F!).
  • I have am on an annual plan.
  • I have preordered a Pixel 6.

Given the fact that Republic has a freeze on approving new phones and will not disclose a timeline, I am considering:

  • Switching to Fi (and eating the cost of paying for two plans)
  • Moving my phone number to Fi (I have previously used Fi without moving my number)
  • Returning to Republic if and when the Pixel 6 is approved.

My question is: If I move my number to Fi, can I retain my beta discount given that I’m not stopping paying for Republic service?

Hi @minilaura,

If you move your number to Fi, your Republic service line will be canceled.

If you want to keep the service line intact and keep your annual plan and your beta discount, we’d need to take action before you initiate the number transfer to force our system to skip the “cancellation” part of the number transfer.

Your Republic SIM card (I guess, still installed in the Pixel 3) would then be assigned a new number, your Annual plan would remain intact, and your beta discount would remain.

Please let me know if you’d like me to make that change on your account.


Hi Southpaw,

I knew you would have an answer for me! I like what you are proposing, but I need to think some more and wait for the new phone to arrive.

Should I contact you directly if I want to go ahead with your plan?

You can reply here or DM me. Please just don’t start the transfer until you’re told that the action has been taken on your account.

I’m not sure what your timing is, but I do have to take some time away from my computer between now and the end of the year, so if you don’t get a reply from me within half a day of contacting me, please open a Help Ticket and let the Help Team know that you want to “skip port-out cancellation” so that you can keep your service line active while porting your number away.

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Had I known 5-6 weeks ago just how accommodating RW can be be, my Moto G3 would likely still be of some use to me today and I’d still be a RW customer, albeit a rather low paying one.

To all RW members, be thankful for having the very knowledgeable, hardworking and CS oriented @southpaw here who is often able to work wonders.


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