Switching to MintSIM


I’m interested in MintSIM (a T-Mobile MNVO). You get Unlimited Talk, Text, and 2GB of 4G LTE Data for $16.58 a month if you pay a year in advance. Republic Wireless charges $30 for 2GB and $20 for 1GB. Republic Wireless has been great so far, but I’m constantly watching and limiting my data usage.

The only negatives I see with MintSIM is that their customer service is lacking and their talk over WiFi is limited to certain phones.

My question is: Can I easily switch and transfer my number to MintSIM from Republic Wireless?

In the past because Republic Wireless is considered a VOIP carrier, if I wanted to switch to Cricket I would need to transfer to T-Mobile first then to Cricket. Would I need to do that for MintSIM?

I tried asking MintSIM about the number transfer, but they couldn’t give me a concrete answer.

Thank you.


Hi @nhwireless,

There shouldn’t be a need for the TMO shuffle to move your Republic number to MintSIM. As you point out MintSIM is a TMO MVNO, so it will be TMO handling the port on MintSIM’s behalf.

In addition to supporting WiFi calling only on those models supported by TMO for doing so, MintSIM offers no roaming of any kind and no tethering, if either of those matter to you.


The only problems I see with them are that they spend a small fortune giving referral dollars to bloggers and e-zines who write a positive review, and they have no roaming. I’m also not sure their business model is sustainable. If you pay in advance you’ll never get your money back if they up and disappear. The biggest thing for me is still the lack of any roaming. T-Mobile’s network isn’t good enough for me to rely on alone. I don’t imagine you’ll have any trouble porting.


This URL has a list of devices compatible with T-Mobile’s band 12 and VoLTE, as well as indicating whether the device supports WiFi calling. This is probably a useful resource for RW as well. For example, note that the OnePlus 3T (and probably the upcoming ‘5’) is fully supported. There’s probably no reason that it’s not supported on RW today.