Switching to new phone without the old phone


My husband recently lost his phone, and he just received his new one. He needs to switch over his number, get contacts, etc, but obviously doesn’t have his old phone handy. To further complicate things, the email associated with his account is an old one that he can’t access anymore. So it’s sending a verification code when he tries to log in, but he can’t get that code. He’s gone through all the “try another way” steps, but those didn’t work either. Any ideas on how he can recover his account? Thanks in advance!

Hello @maryc.aegfb0
one does not need the old phone on hand to activated a new one, but one does need to know their Republic account (email address) and password and if you don’t know the password and no longer have access to the email and try another way did not work you need to open a ticket (help@republicwireless.com) and Republic support will ask questions to verify his identity.

if you have ever login in via chrome you may be able to look up the password by going settings then under Autofill Passwords you can then search for Republic and click the little eye to show password

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