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Yes I have been with Verizon for 25 years+ and am considering Republic. I would like to know the upfront cost to switch. I am considering upgrading two flip phones to smart phones and keeping the other flip phone which is my moms who is 82 years of age.

There is not cost to switch to Republic other than buying a compatible phone and the SIM card cost + shipping.

The plan is called My Choice. $15 for Unlimited talk/text/wifi data + 5 per 1GB of mobile data that you can buy as needed. Plus a few more for taxes etc. Data renews every month, unused data expires and does not rollover. When you run out of Mobile Data, you have no Internet connection when away from wifi, but you can still call and text. So $20 a month gets you a 1GB plan and you can buy more data as needed.

The phones that work on Republic are listed here:

You can purchase a phone from Republics website here:

You can also do BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) as long as it is one of the supported models and is the North American, Factory Unlocked models listed. (not a carrier unlocked model)

Republic had 2 underlying carrier partner networks, GSM (Tmobile) and CDMA(Sprint). I would first check your coverage to make sure these networks are good in your area.
Coverage map here:
GSM: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless
CDMA: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless

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@rickyb.govinv, I remember a little over 3 years ago, I was wondering if I should try out Republic Wireless service or not. One of my friends knew that I had been with around 6 cellphone companies in around 4 years, but he told me that I should try out Republic Wireless because he knew that I could always switch to another company. Especially with the phones on the 4.0 plan (the newest plans), if you get the ones that have GSM capabilities, it can be taken to another service provider if you desire.

Also, when you first get Republic Wireless’ service, it uses a different number than your own. You can play with Republic Wireless’ service on that number, see how it works for you, and then you can port your number to Republic Wireless (you have to of course still have an active number with your current service provider to do this).

The bottom line is, I think that Republic Wireless’ deal is definitely good enough to try and see how it works for you. I’m glad I did.


I would like to add to @aFloridian’s, post, a point that is often overlooked, (and you don’t have to be a customer to avail it) is the perk of having this RW_Member Community._

It’s very active. with lot’s of helpful people that are willing to help specifically with anything from ‘service-issues’ to ‘general advice’ and is just an overall great option to the standardized methods of self-help.

Hang out awhile, ask some questions, and decide if an “online support only” type of company would be right for you.

Many RW veterans, (including me) had reservations about that arrangement, but were quickly transformed and actually preferred…(at least in my case)…that method. No-more waiting on Hold listening to elevator music or Ad’s.

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