Switchover to cell not working

I have a Moto G6 and the latest version of the RW app. When I choose to switch over to CELL during a call instead of using my local network, the phone switches to CELL, then switches back to network on its own.

I choose to switch to CELL when the VOIP is terrible. I don’t want to have to fight with the phone and it continually switching back. The only way I’m able to stay on CELL is to turn off wireless – which makes me vulnerable to forgetting to turn it back on again.

It seems like this bug was introduced in the last RW app update. Could you please fix it?

  • As you may not know, this is a user community forum, we are primarily fellow users/members and as such can’t ‘fix it’
    • However that said, a couple things that you can check, that may help in better defining the problem
      • What is your Republic Wireless Settings / Advanced Settings / Handover to WiFi when appropriate?
      • What about Republic Wireless Settings / Data Tools / WiFi Reminder
  • Would you be up for trying to see if something can be done to improve your ‘terrible VoIP’?
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Thanks for the reply. Handover to WiFi when appropriate was not checked. But I did have Enable handover on networks for both my home network + the new Amazon sharing thing, which I’ve unchecked. I’ll give that a whirl.

Thanks jben for the offer to troubleshoot the VOIP but I’ve had RP through several phones, routers, and years and the VOIP has always been terrible.

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