Sync contacts from Moto g5 to 2019 Honda CR-V

I’m unable to sync contacts from Moto g5 to 2019 Honda CR-V. I was able to pair the phone but the contacts did not load. Is there a solution for this problem? Thanks!

Sorry your question has gone unanswered for a week.

Have you tried forgetting the connection and re-pairing the phone…usually at the time of pairing it offers you the option to sync the contacts. Did that happen the first time you paired your phone? Just wondering if repeating the process might get it set up the right way.

For what it’s worth… I have a 2016 MDX which uses similar interface, I think as the Hondas…and that one did not have any issues pairing with my Moto X4 and syncing the contacts.

@charleneb.d5qlrp Were you ever able to get synced up?

There is a Bluetooth setting on the phone to share contacts. Once I found that setting I was able to access my contacts on the new Honda. I also learned that the Motorola cord needed to be a “data” cord in order to connect Android Auto. Thanks for asking!


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