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I’m mostly here with this to get feedback from the community. My wife and I both have RW plans and Google Voice numbers that I set up ages ago. We have an Amazon Store Card, which is through Synchrony. To make a long story, short, Synchrony does not allow you to verify your identity via two-factor authentication except by way of a phone number. If that phone number happens to show up as VOIP, then they don’t allow it. Fortunately, the Google Voice number shows up as a landline for calls so we can get codes via call but cannot get them texted. Republic Wireless numbers are right out since they show up as VOIP numbers. Have others experienced this issue with financial companies that only offer one method of authentication (at least only one that doesn’t take days - the alternative is getting a code mailed that is only good for 30 days)? What have you done to try and get around issues like these?


Yes. It is an issue with many service…many banks, Venmo…etc.
There is nothing RW can do about it as it the the FCCs classification of VOIP numbers as landline and the other services own set policy/choice to not support VOIP or even prepaid numbers.

For financial institutions and other things like IRS etc, it a different issue mainly, in that VOIP and even prepaid carriers(big name too) are not accepted because they do not require Identity Verification to get them, such as credit and background checks, SSI number, etc.

There are multiple thread discussing this topic, the main one is:

Also found this:

The only thing you can do is complain to the service you are signing up for…but there is not much hope they will or can even do anything about it.

Wells Fargo recently decided to not accept RW or any VOIP based numbers.

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