Syncing Gmail on MotoZ with Gmail on my laptop


Is it possible to delete emails in my Gmail account on my phone and the emails in the same account on my laptop simultaneously?


Hi @robin!

Absolutely! I delete emails from the gmail app on my phone all the time and it deletes them from the same gmail account on my laptop.

Hope that helps!


It is possible. Whether you’re set-up that way or not is a different question. The easiest way to make sure this works as you’re asking is to use the Google Gmail app on your phone. 3rd party apps, may also work this way, but not always. If you’re interested in the arcane protocols that a 3rd party app may use and when it will/won’t act that way, let me know.


Yes I want to know how to do this. Please and thank you


Simply use and/or download the gmail app (


But I already use this app. Emails deleted on my laptop do not delete automaticly on my phone and vice versa. That’s what I want to do.


How are you using gmail on your laptop? Are you simply using a browser and going to or are you using some mail client (like Windows Mail)?




What you’re describing should be impossible. It’s how I, my wife, my kids, and everyone I’ve known uses gmail. I want to be 100% sure, on the phone you’re using the app that looks like this:



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