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My Moto X 1st Gen has recently started to show signs of its old age and, yes, I’ve ordered a new phone. The biggest issue so far is that the battery life is about 2 hours doing nothing at all. Unfortunately, today, it got a little worse. So, last night, the battery died because I forgot to plug it in. This morning when I tried to restart the phone, it goes through all the optimizing apps process which takes awhile. But then, I get a black screen with the back, home, and apps buttons on the bottom and a couple of symbols in the upper right. I can’t do anything and then a window pops up with the phrase Process System Not Responding. It also asks if I want to reboot. If I reboot, it just does it all over again. If I do nothing at this stage, it will just reboot itself and start the process over again.

So basically, the phone won’t turn on. I don’t know if this is a phone issue or an SD card issue or what. I can’t access “settings” or “apps” or anything. It just boots and reboots again and again and again without actually being able to start up.

I have tried clearing the cache partition which seems to go through correctly (it takes about 8 minutes). The reboot doesn’t work.

Once, when I tried to just shut down after the Process System Not Responding message, I was asked if I wanted to start in Safe Mode. I chose “yes” but it just ran through the same process with the same results (optimizing apps, starting, blank screen, start over again).

I don’t know how much of my stuff will be erased if I do a factory reset because honestly, I don’t know how much of it has synced or how much I’ve backed up in the past. Is there a way to avoid a factory reset? Could I take it to a professional to see if they can save my stuff?

Also worth noting is that I’ve tried just shutting the thing down through the recovery menu but it shuts down and then, since it’s plugged in (I guess), it just tries to start up again.

It sounds like the phone may be toast, unfortunately. You can see if your contacts and photos are backed up by signing into the same Google account that is on your phone:

Your texts may be lost if you have not backed up your texts using a messaging backup app before, except for the last 30-days which may be backed up by Republic’s Anywhere app:

The data stored in many apps may be restored simply by signing back into them once downloaded onto your new phone.

Note that the new phones will require moving to the My Choice plans upon activation.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the info. I had recently removed all the photos from the phone in an attempt to help it run better so I’m not worried about those and it looks like my contacts have been backing up fine.

The only thing that I’m a little bummed out about are the texts/downloads. Is there any romance to trying to see if that is recoverable by a pro?

Thanks also for the info about the My Choice plans with new phones. I think I knew that the Unlimited 1.0 wasn’t transferable but the reminder is great. Thanks!

Hi @roadbase,

By a pro, you would need to mean someone capable of doing forensic recovery. It may be possible but would cost hundreds (and maybe thousands) of dollars.

Candidly, the only hope I see for the X1 (and it’s slim) is a factory reset. Sadly, that too will erase any user content not previously backed up elsewhere.

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Ahhhh, I see. Well, I guess I should have plugged it in the other night! Ha! Thanks for the info. I’ll be moving on in 3… 2… 1…

Thanks again!

I’m having a similar near-death experience with my 1st gen Moto X. I had a repair shop replace the battery, but they said it didn’t help, so they stuck the old battery back in so they wouldn’t have to charge me. I was able to get it to boot up in safe mode by keeping it plugged in and pressing on the lower volume button. If a menu pops up while holding down the lower volume, click the lower volume once to toggle through the menu, then click the raise volume button to select. Wait 5-10 minutes. If the phone activates, you can download an app called SMS Backup and Restore. Run that to save texts and phone records to your Google account. Sorry if I’m too late with this info.
Getting my phone to respond is hit or miss, though, so no guarantees…

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