System Update again and again and again

I activated a new Moto G5 Plus yesterday and for the fifth time its telling me new system software is available and each time I do it it tells me update successful. How many times do I have to do this? I tried to ignore the third one thinking it was fluke but you can only ignore 3 times before that option becomes unavailable. Me and the “hello moto” girl almost have a personal relationship.


There have been a few upgrades since the phone was released, each upgrade relies on the previous one so all updates need to happen in order [each one a different security update]
I don’t have the Moto G5 but my Moto Z2 Play had 4 updates before it stopped


The moto phones are a good product but They lack keeping there updates The latest security up date for FEB. havent got.
And the latest operating system 8.0/8.1 Forget it, an the moto g5+ has wow!7.0 as the operating sysrem
So when I get a new phone It may not be a Moto for this reason.

You’re going to struggle. The Galaxy S8/S8+ is just getting 8.0 this month, and it was a $900 phone on release.
Same with the LG G6 & V30. And so on and so forth. Other than Google’s own Pixel’s and some of the very small providers (not supported here) no one is particularly good at this.

That being said, the situation has a chance to improve as phones coming out now, natively with 8.0+, include Google’s Project Treble that was designed to make it easier for everything but the carrier code on the phone to be more directly updated by Google.


I believe that G5+ has five updates out of the box. It could be up to 6 now. What you’re seeing is completely normal.


Yes they have been all security an fixes up date. No OS up date

I’ve always found this from Google itself to be insightful on the matter: Oreo’s share of the Android ecosystem is a puny 1.1% as of now. Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat are in a virtual dead heat.

This would be a very good thing for the Android ecosystem. There’s something to be said for the source being in control of operating system updates: Generally, Android OEM’s performance on this is abysmal.

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This really depends on the model. My X4 gets consistent updates. 2 security updates and an OS update since I got it last month (I am on 8.0 now). I have a feeling they go down the line from most to least expensive for phones that are still receiving full support. The newness of the phone probably plays a role too.

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