System Update for Google Pixel and Nexus Phones - 10/02/18

A new update for Google Pixel and Nexus phones has been released. See the release notes :point_down: for more info.


So this is my first time having a Pixel (3XL) on RW. How do the updates/patches work regarding RW and the app? Since I have a RW gsm SIM do I have to wait for yall to approve+push the OTA? Or am I just waiting in Googles standard batches? Am I safe to flash googles posted OTA files or am I going to break the RW app until its updated for the new OTA patch build number?

“crosshatch” for Pixel 3 XL = 9.0.0 (PQ1A.181105.017.A1, Nov 2018)

OS updates are pushed directly from the manufacture now, bypassing Republic.


Hi @techiedj,

We support production releases, and at times there may be a one-business-day delay between the release and our ability to support it for activation.

We do not support developer builds or BETA releases.

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