System Update for Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 5X, 6, and 6P - 09/13/17



Release Date: 09/13/17

Description: The system updates include the following

Google Pixel and Pixel XL

  • Build number: OPR3.170623.007
  • September 2017 Android security patch

Nexus 5X

  • Build number: OPR4.170623.006
  • September 2017 Android security patch

Nexus 6

  • Build number: NGI55D
  • September 2017 Android security patch

Nexus 6P

  • Build number: OPR6.170623.019
  • September 2017 Android security patch


To clarify, are these updates internal on Republic’s end? Or are these released by Google for the end user? Are they automatically given out to us via OTA? Do I need to manually install them? Trying to understand what these system updates are exactly…


Did you ever get and answer to your question? I’m interested in it too.


AFIK all Security updates are created and distributed by Google and/or the manufacturer.
I found this Android Security Bulletins that may shed additional light (or at least some additional reading) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


All Republic 3.0 phones are North American factory unlocked variants that may be used with multiple service providers (Republic included of course). Operating system updates are the sole responsibility of the hardware manufacturer. Republic plays no role in issuing them. They’re simply announced here as a matter of interest to Republic members with affected phones.

Typically, manufacturers stage operating system releases. It will eventually be pushed to your phone. You may or may not be able to pull an operating system update sooner. The exact path for that varies with the manufacturer and version of Android, however, the starting point is usually Settings - > About phone.