System Update for Moto E4+ - 04/09/18

Release Date: 04/09/18


  • Moto E4+

Build Numbers:

  • NPRS26.58-45-6

Description: The Moto SMR includes the following

  • March 2018 Android security patch

The last two updates for my Moto E4 corrupted my SD card. It was a major pain to reformat the card and reload it with my music.

I’m sorry your SD card got corrupted. Unfortunately this can happen when there is a an update to the system. It’s best to remove the SD card before system updates.

Beng, (and others), can I assume my Moto E4 has been updated automatically. My new E4 has been in my hands only for the past 2 or 3 weeks. Am I expected to take action to get the needed update?? Thanks, John W

Hi @johnw.ccohg6,

Could you please open the Settings app on the phone and tap About Phone and then see what the Build number is at the very bottom of that screen?

Does it match the NPRS26.58-45-6 that Ben posted above?

If not, please follow the same steps listed in this help article: No Service and Republic Wireless App Asks to "Buy a SIM Card" on Moto E4 – Republic Help


I still have build no. NPQS26.69-64-2. When I follow your instructions, there is no update available. What now?

Do you have an E4+ or an E4. I suspect it’s the latter and, if I’m right about that, your phone is up-to-date. The discussion thread you’ve posted in relates to the E4+ rather than the E4.


I do have the E4. Thanks for your help!

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