System Update for Moto G4 and G4 Plus - 08/31/17



Release Date: 08/31/17


  • Moto G4 and G4 Plus with GSM SIM card

Build Number: NPJ25.93-14.5

Description: The Moto MR includes the following:

  • Bug fixes
  • June 2017 Android security patch


What’s special about phones with GSM SIM cards as noted in the “Environment”?


Wondering about that too. Especially since our Moto G4 and G4 plus have that build number and received the update the first of September. They both have CDMA Sims.


Does this update affect the Moto G4 Play (the model I own)?


It would not. The Moto G4 Play is a different model than the G4 and G4 Plus.


The Moto G4 is currently out of stock. Do you have an idea of when it might be in stock again?


My suspicion is that it won’t given that it is a discontinued model. You may want to look at other retailers like Amazon or B&H that might still have it available.

Please see the reply from Southpaw below for more details


Okay, thanks!


Hi @aubreyd.csj1tr,

We do actually still have a few of the black Moto G4 phones and are working to make them available in the online store again, but I do not know the date when they will become available.


If you don’t want to wait for the RW store B&H does have a good selection at discounted prices this week, “Limited supply at this price”