System Update for Moto G4/G4+ - 03/19/18



Release Date: 03/19/18


  • Moto G4/G4+

Build Number:

  • NPJS25.93-14.7-5

Description: The Moto SMR includes the following

  • February 2018 Android security patch


Was cruising the list and saw that my g4+ last received an update on March 19, 2018. Are we G4+ users going to get to keep up with the Jones’s or are upgrades for this excellent phone going to be abandoned leaving us forsaken?:anguished:


Motorola usually gives 1 major OS update and security updates for 1.5-2 years after release of the midline Moto G phones
As the Moto G4 family was released in summer of 2016 it has past this timeline and I would not expect another update.