System Update for Moto G4 Play - 06/11/18



Release Date: 06/11/18


  • Moto G4 Play

Build Number:

  • NPI26.48-43

Description: The Moto MR includes the following

  • Android 7.1.1 Nougat
  • April 2018 Android security patch


Installed the update this morning and now my phone will not work. It is stuck in a reboot loop. I get the Motorolla logo and it says “hello moto” and then reboots. Phone was working fine before and now I cant even use it.


I Installed the Nougat update on my G4 play and now my phone is stuck in a reboot loop. I tried to do a system reset but it will not even let me do anything.

System Update for Moto G4 Play - 10/02/17

Try contacting Motorola:


Called them earlier and they said it was an issue that was not their problem. They said it was a software issue and to contact my provider or Google since they are the program developers. I can not find info on how to reach out to Google


That’s disappointing. I would have hoped they would at least have at least gone through some troubleshooting steps. I don’t think you’re going to find help from Google. You might try an external factory reset if you haven’t already:

Should you be unsuccessful, open a ticket with Republic Wireless. At the very least they have some pre-owned Moto G4 Play phones for sale in the store right now.