System Update for Moto G4 Play - 10/02/17



Soak Test Release Date: 10/02/17
As this update is being progressively deployed, it may take several days before it’s available for everyone.

Environment: Moto G4 Play

Build Number: MPI24.241-2.35-1.5

Description: The Moto MR includes the following

  • August 2017 Android security patch
  • Stability improvements

For more information, please see Motorola’s full release notes.


Does Republic only push this update out for the Moto G4 Plays that they sold or to all G4 play currently using RW? I brought my G4 Play through BYOD (purchased it unlocked through Fry’s Electronics)


Neither. Motorola pushes it out to all G4 Plays regardless of what carrier they are on or where they were purchased.


Her is a link to recent article with some additional explanation about updates.


So the announcement above is about a system update that is being rolled out to all G4 Plays from Motorola?

That is great news since I am currently in the very outdated Feb. 2017 patch


Yes, that is correct.


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