System Update for Moto G4 Plus - 03/20/18

A new system update is being released for the Moto G4 Plus. See the release notes :point_down: for more info.

Hello, Larry –
Kindly double-check and confirm the specific details of this update announcement. The reasons for my request are as follows:

On or about 16 Feb. 2019, Motorola announced the very-very-long-awaited U.S. rollout of Android 8.1 Oreo for the G4 Plus. Up to that point, the G4 Plus had been left running the unpatched, original Android Nougat (v7.0), and the most “recent” security update was dated 01 Apr. 2018.

The Oreo 8.1 U.S. rollout was “staged”, taking place over a period of at least a month. Per Motorola’s own release announcement, the OTA Oreo 8.1 upgrade would also include security updates through 01 Dec. 2018, and carry a new build number: (OPJ28.111-22)

I received the OTA upgrade, from Nougat 7.0 to Oreo 8.1, shortly after midnight (local time) on 20 March 2019. Included security updates and new build number were as expected, based on Motorola’s release announcement.

It may be just a curious coincidence that your announcement is dated on the exact date that my handset received the Android OS upgrade.

However: Your announcement refers to a build number identical to the one Motorola announced in mid-February (and which I confirm as correct) – yet your statement also announces a new security update, dated February 2019.

I find no such reference anywhere on Motorola’s site.

As of today – 29 April 2019: On at least two Motorola web pages, both of which show their release notes for Oreo 8.1 on the G4 Plus – one site is for the U.S. market, the other for India – there is no reference to any security update more recent than the one they originally announced (i.e., dated 01 Dec. 2018).

Nor have I come across any anecdotal, third-party references to a Feb. 2019 security update having been released for the G4 Plus.

And so, Larry, I’d politely ask that you please check the details (and sourcing) of your announcement and get back to me. For a specific reason (pertaining to a significant VPN bug that the Feb. 2019 update seems to have fixed, albeit on a different Moto model), I’ve been very actively on the lookout for this update, hoping that it would (will?) make its way to the G4 Plus.

Still attentively awaiting your response, Larry, to my message from a month and a half ago…

Thank you.

While waiting for @LarryTheCucumber’s reply, I can report that my experience is similar to yours in that my Moto G4+ (no longer active on Republic) shows that it is up-to-date with:
Adroid version: 8.1.0
Current version: OPJ28.111-22
Security patch level: December 1, 2018

I suspect that any previous reports of the Feb. 2019 security upate for the G4+ have been premature. I hope that Larry will have been in touch with Motorola and will be able to let us know for certain whether or not the G4+ will be getting the Feb. 2019 security update.

UPDATE (06/18/19): I found the following on the Motorola website:

moto g4 plus
This device will be upgraded to the Android 8 (Oreo) release of Android, pending partner support.

Security updates
This product is scheduled to continue to receive security updates.
Android security patches are included in all new Moto software updates, including Operating System upgrades, Maintenance Releases, and Security Maintenance Releases.” (Emphasis added)

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