System Update for Moto G5+ 07/06/17

Release Date: 07/06/17

Build Number: NPNS25.137-35-5

Description: The Moto SMR includes the following:

  • May 2017 Android security patch

How do I receive this

Hi @thelongs,

Manufacturers usually stage system updates, so you may not see it for your phone right away. That said, when Motorola (not Republic) delivers it to your G5+, you should be able to access it at Settings -> About phone -> System updates.


I have the US version of Moto G5+ and live in California. There have been several critical security updates for Nougat but I have not received even one update since I got my phone. My phone still has Android version 7.0. A security update is rather important if you dont want to be exposed to hackers and viruses stealing your personal information. Motorola support is pretty terrible since they were bought by Lenovo. They have zero support whatsoever. When you go to their forum to ask a question they never respond. If you want a secure phone, if you want your information to be safe don’t buy from a Chinese company!

I received the update in August. It is the May security update.

I received the notice for the update, however it wouldn’t download. I needed to turn off data saver. Even after I turnedit off it still won’t download and continues to tell me to turn off my data saver. Are there other settings I need to change?

May need to download using wifi, not sure though.

I was on wifi and my phone was charged.

Have you rebooted the phone?

After retrying several more times. It finally worked and I don’t know why. Thanks for your suggestion.

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