System Update for Moto X Pure - 12/18/17

Release Date: 12/18/17


  • Moto X Pure Edition

Build Numbers:

  • NPHS25.200-22-1 (CDMA Only)
  • NPHS25.200-23-1 (GSM Only)

Description: The Moto SMR includes the following

  • October 2017 Android security patch

Just installed it this morning without any issues. Also, the “Hello Moto” sound disable setting persisted through this update…so didn’t have to hear that either!

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As I posted elsewhere when I received this update, this also includes a fix for the KRACK exploit. That was mentioned in the changelog that came with the update, even though the November 2017 security patch includes the fix formally. I downloaded a KRACK checker app to confirm that it’s been fixed. Very happy to have that nasty hole plugged.


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