System Update for Moto X Pure (CDMA only) - 09/27/17


Soak Test Release Date: 09/27/17
As this update is being progressively deployed, it may take several days before it’s available for everyone.


  • Moto X Pure Edition on CDMA network

Build Number: NPH25.200-22

Description: The Moto MR includes the following

  • Android™ 7.0 Nougat
  • September 2017 Android security patch
  • New features and enhancements

For more information, please see Motorola’s full release notes.

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Nougat (Android 7.0) released for Moto X Pure

But most RW MXP users are probably on GSM. Does this mean a delayed Nougat update for us or no Nougat update?


What’s the skinny on CDMA only. RW has been preaching for well over a year the supposed benefits of our 3.0 unlocked phones.

What has RW heard from their partner MOTO?


No, it just means they are different builds and they are going out at different times. When we have a date, we like to give it. When we have one for GSM, we will as well.

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Hi @williamo.vkbg0s,

As noted in Where's My Android Update? Understanding the Update Process,

Carrier approval can result in a different release time depending on the carrier associated with your phone. There is no reason for the manufacturer to delay release to carriers who have approved a build while others continue in that process.

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  1. Faster rollouts for major OS updates like Android Lollipop.
    One thing we can say here is we are creating the ability to be free to push OS updates out faster, in our own timelines, without having to go through third party certification processes, and are able to be more agile for the good of our members.

Not what RW was telling us. What happen to your broken words?


RW is not involved in the OS update push only the OEM is involved, if Republic was involved it would be another 3-12 month delay after the OEM has thew base update pushed


This is not a big deal. Motorola chose to split their factory unlocked code base. This is actually not the first time they’ve done it. It’s not our GSM and our CDMA it’s the GSM and the CDMA releases.


The update will be delivered faster than if we had to bake our software into the OS.

No words have been broken.


I don’t see how anybody has grounds to fault RW in this. For whatever reasons, Lenovo/Motorola dragged Nougat release for the MXP out much longer than is understandable. They are the ones I blame.


Is there a way to tell if my Moto X Pure is on CMDA or GSM from the account portal?


Hi @jonathane.3d74pp,

There is not, although it has been suggested.

I can DM you that info if it would be helpful.


I would like to know. Thanks!

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is there anything an owner of a RW Moto X Pure needs to do or is the update automatic?. Thanks


one will need to agree to the update either though a popup notification update is available or by going in to the setting and phone updates


Thanks. Will check the settings.


…still waiting for the GSM update! gggrrr


I took my sprint sim from a RW 2.0 phone and slipped it in. The update happened right away. My wife will be using it on Verizon or so we hope. I got the Moto g5 from Amazon and it works fine, but the camera is not as good.

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