System Update for Moto X Pure (GSM Only) - 11/16/17



Release Date: 11/16/17


  • Moto X Pure Edition on GSM network

Build Number: NPH25.200-23

Description: The Moto MR includes the following

  • Android™ 7.0 Nougat
  • September 2017 Android security patch
  • New features and enhancements

For more information, please see Motorola’s full release notes.

Still no nougat (7) for my Moto X Pure

No way…■■■■…way…


And it went smoothly!!!


Mine went smoothly as well.

About 6-7 minutes to download and around 17 minutes to install and optimize.


Since my Moto Pure is not activated will I still get the update? My Moto Pure is a replacement of a replacement of a replacement from Motorola.


As with any other Android update, activation status shouldn’t matter. The reality is your question would be better directed to Motorola not Republic. Please see: Where’s My Android Update? Understanding the Update Process.


If you try to update without activation…can you let us know which of the two updates does it offer?
The CDMA one released earlier or this new one for GSM?


On both counts not very helpful. I’ll wait a little longer before attempting to flash it/sell it/stomp on it.


I’m sorry the answer isn’t helpful. It’s reality.


I know. You would think with all this technology I could get an answer to a valid question.


I presume you’ve tried pulling the update? Otherwise, have you tried asking the folks (Motorola) responsible for having an answer? Worst case scenario, since we know folks whose phones are activated are receiving the update, have you considered activating, updating, then canceling?


Yes. “Update not available. Your phone is up to date.”

Motorola was nebulous with their answer.

I really don’t want to burn another GSM SIM at this time.

I’ll wait a week or so and see if it comes. Thank anyway for the suggestions. :slight_smile:


Did your phone come with all the security updates? There was an an August 2016 and a December 2016 update…if you are not seeing those either…maybe you need to update Motorola Update Services app.



The updates are specific to the carrier, so the phone will have to be associated with a carrier to receive the update.

It’s possible, though, that you don’t have activate the phone or “burn” another SIM card. Try inserting a SIM card, then, with the phone on Wi-Fi, manually search for the update.


@southpaw Now that is an answer! I’m downloading the update as I peck this out. :solved::southpawpoms::southpawpoms::android::southpawpoms:

It’s installing 25.11.23.en US. I used an old GSM SIM not RW SIM. It was enough to prompt for the update.


My Pure wasn’t activated either, but it had a Republic SIM in it. Got Nougat on the first try. I removed the SIM (it kept haranguing me to activate) while I went through the customizing and settings process. Then I put the SIM back in and reactivated to check for any improvements.


This begs the question…if someone with a CDMA provisioned phone were to put a GSM SIM in the phone…would they be offered this new update…or would it stay on the version released earlier?


The answer (at least for me) is no. Apparently, once on a specific build channel with Motorola, that’s the channel one stays on. Chatter on XDA tends to confirm my experience.

The GSM build is NPH25.200-23. CDMA is NPH25.200-22. Both include the September 1, 2017 security patch but nothing later. I doubt there’s any meaningful difference in the two builds and I’m currently using a Republic GSM SIM in my MXP, which was CDMA provisioned at the time I updated. I’ve switched back and forth several times since then and (as far as I’m able to tell) everything is working as expected.


The manufacturer has the option to provide a path to move from one carrier build to another. If they opt to do so, it would happen at the next update.


Good to know. Given Motorola’s performance on this update, I’m not convinced there’ll be another. Hopefully, they’ll, at least, patch for known security vulnerabilities.