System Update for Moto X4 - 12/17/18



A new system update has been released for the Moto X4. See the release notes :point_down: for more info.

Moto x4 no longer auto connecting to wifi

Thanks @beng,
I downloaded the update with no apparent issues. Now all I have to do is stop the OS from shutting off my ringer & other volumes in the sound section. I try to set it to full ring and volume & it automatically in milliseconds before my eyes turns off. Any help with Id’ears would be great from anyone


Looks like the January 2019 security updates for the Moto X4 came down to my spouse’s phone this a.m. She has the Android ONE version.


Got my update last night


My wife’s Motox4 has an update notice, but it is PPWS29.69-26-4. Because it includes an S, and the background looks a lot like the malware I see on Windows all the time (repairing friends’ computers), I want to make sure this is a valid patch.



That is indeed the latest build that I just updated to on my X4 (Android One version)



My wife is out on a quilt shop hop, so I’ll have to get to this later this evening or early tomorrow.