System Update for Moto Z Play - 09/17/18



A new update has been released for the Moto Z Play. See the release notes :point_down: for more info.


Is the “Z” update starting on the 18th applicable to the “Z Play” or is it seperate, and if so when would you expect it to follow ?


The Z and Z Play are two different phones and the update for one doesn’t impact the other. As soon as Republic has information on any updates for the Z they will be posted in the same manner as the information on this update.

The latest update appears to be from 11/1: System Update for Moto Z - 11/1/18


thanks for confirming my assumption on the updates, I actually am looking for the update to the Z Play and this is the last one dated 9/17 and it only covers updates through 8/1/2018


Generally, Moto updates the Z Play no more often than a few times a year. And as this Z Play is now 2 generations old, it may become much less frequent than that.


I will note Motorola release security updates only every couple months and they are usually a month or to behind [my Moto Z2 PLAY just got the October 1st updates this morning]