System Update for Moto Z3 Play - 12/03/18



A new update for the Moto Z3 Play is being rolled out. See the release notes :point_down: for more info.


Any idea when the December Oreo updates are coming? This got us to November.
Also, is there any news on the Android 9 update for the Z3 Play?
Thanks Beng!


Republic has no input as to when updates are coming and as soon as they’re notified by the manufacturer that they’re releasing them, them make that information available here. No news here means Republic has no news.


Motorola Security updates trend to be every other month and 1 month behind so I would expect the January updates to be in the beginning of February

as for Pie it could come at any time but I will note Motorola did not release Oreo for the Z2 Play the last summer (about 9 months after Google Released it)


Thanks everyone!


Looks like the Android 9 update may be coming soon (I know this is Z3 specific, but the play should not be far behind):


Looks like the Android 9 update is coming soon for the Moto Z3 Play!

Hopefully it will contain the PNG vulnerability patch!

Looks like the OPWS28.70-31-8 update for the Moto Z3 Play is coming down right now to my phone.
This is just the January 1, 2019 security updates for 8.1 Oreo, not the 9.0 PIE upgrade.