System update issues


Moto Z Play

Issue Description

I just got the Moto Z last week. I keep getting notifications to update the system. I have gone through the process to update the system but it doesn’t appear to ever go through as I am asked every day multiple times a day to do the system update. This is not the republic app update as that is up to date, it is whatever new system update is available. Any help or insight on updating the system and getting it to go through would be great.



Hi @erinr,

I’ve seen a number of reports that a Moto Z Play out of the box requires multiple system updates. For the most part they are sequential Android security patches. I appreciate the concern, however, I don’t believe you’re being asked to reapply the same system update but rather multiple system updates each dependent on the one that came before it. From what I’ve seen, you’ll eventually work through all of them and your phone will stop nagging you.


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