System update?, moto x pure

My Moto X Pure, just did a big system update, thought for sure it was the nougat 7.0, been waiting for like 4 months.

But it still shows android 6.0. Totally bummed out.

I believe the font size options in nougat 7.0 might be the trick to getting my wife off the damn iphone.

Older eyes need BIG print for text size. Her 4 or 5 year old iphone 5 is completely superior when looking at the messaging app. Hoping the new version of android might win her over. Please don’t explain the “normal, large, Huge”,

almost laughable, Huge is like maybe medium. Been in computers 37 years, can’t hardly believe this font size has baffled phone programmers…jeezze… And yes, the audio has issues with this Moto X Pure, popping, cracking, etc…many have written about it. But, still love Republic Wireless, have 4 phones at this time.


John Casey

@johnc.y92wnn The timing of the release of the update for Moto Pure has been changed several times. This is the latest news, sometime in the 2nd Qtr:

Still waiting on the update…5/30/17.
This is why i will get the google phone, pixel 2 when it comes out, never waiting a year for an update on anything…
Android OS needed a few more updates beyond 6.0…then I will be able to get my wife off the iphone 5 and save a TON of money as i move her to RW. At this time, no android messaging app compares to iphone. Her one phone, cheapest bill i can get is $65 a month…killing me…slowly…The newer Android will save my wallet and my sanity with updated display font size.

Hi @johnc.y92wnn

I hear 'ya. I was just as excited about my MXP getting Nougat as I was about my Lenovo chromebook getting app store apps. :cry:, still waiting.

In case you are not aware, you can change the font size in Settings/Display/Font size…and it does apply to the texting application on my device…(Republic Anywhere [beta], but should be the same on Android Messages).

:stuck_out_tongue: never mind, I reread your original post.

I’m waiting too, even though I don’t use my Moto Pure anymore. Last I read it was starting to trickle out. Moto Z supplanted MXP, so it’s last to get the update and even if Lenovo has said in the past it will be updated to O, I’m not holding my breath.

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