System Update Not Happening for Moto G3


I have a Moto G3 and it has yet to get the system update so I can go from Version 5.1.1 to Version 6.0 (Marshmallow). Has anyone else with a Moto G3 gotten their update? How can I check for it? My husband has a Moto G4 & he got his practically the day it came out. My mother-in-law has a G3, but with a different carrier and she also got hers right away. I appear to be the only person anywhere who has not gotten the update. I have A TON of space for the update to occur, as I thought of that too & checked how much it would need right away. Please help - my phone is driving me nuts & needs to update. I try following the directions on websites, but there is no button to say, “I’m In!” and download it, so that has not worked at all.

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The RW version of the Moto G (3rd Gen) will not be updated to Android M.


As Bill stated, no operating system update for the Republic Wireless version of the Moto G3. The cost to update the phone with it’s custom ROM chip is more than Republic is willing to paying.

You do have the option of selling it on Swappa or Ebay. The old phones fetch a good price since they are the only ones that work on the old plan 1.0 and 2.0 plans.