T Mobile 15 dollar plan

Anyone notice that T-mobile now has a 15 dollar monthly plan with 2 GB of data? First plan out there I have seen that is cheaper than Republic?

It’s mentioned in a long thread about the T-Mobile/Sprint merger.

Hi @clints.otp31j,

Depending upon one’s wants and needs, there are less expensive plans in the market than Republic’s. Less expensive doesn’t necessarily mean a better value. Since you specifically, mention T-Mobile’s newest prepaid plan, I’ll mention I’ve been a T-Mobile Prepaid customer in the past. For me, T-Mobile’s network coverage is great. Alas, in my experience, T-mobile’s prepaid customer service was not so great. Of course, one’s mileage may vary on that.

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Is the customer service for the pre-paid service different than regular t mobile customer service?

In a word, yes. T-Mobile Prepaid essentially operates as a separate entity.

My daughter is wanting her first phone and wanting an iphone but I am not willing to pay the higher prices of the big carriers but this caught my attention. All three of my family phones are with Republic so I will probably stay with Republic for her.

Hi @clints.otp31j,

Your daughter is hardly alone. Republic understands there are folks wanting to use iPhones and has launched an iPhone beta, however, it’s currently invitation only and there are significant caveats. More on the beta is linked here: Republic Wireless announces a limited-participant iPhone Beta.

I’ve used both Androids and iPhones. If you’re comfortable sharing, what’s the budget for the new phone? As I’m confident you know, generally, iPhones aren’t inexpensive though the just released new iPhone SE is pretty attractive.

In my opinion, Google’s Pixels compare favorably with iPhones at similar price points. Perhaps, your daughter would think so as well?

Yes, the budget is around 200.00-300.00 tops. She is in middle school. I have a Pixel 3a and have had motorola phones before that and like them just fine. It’s a status thing with teenagers it seems. Her older sister wanted an iphone initially but settled for a moto g7 play and doesn’t even mention an iphone any longer. I have an iphone 7 for work and actually prefer my android overall

Hi @clints.otp31j

Google is expected to release the Pixel 4a series soon. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Pixel 3a dropped into your price range when that happens. Or, presuming Republic supports it (I have no inside information on that), perhaps, you get a new Pixel 4a and hand your Pixel 3a off to your daughter. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve also been playing with a Moto G Stylus. It’s early but it appears to be a solid performer at the high end of your price range.

I like the way you think!! lol


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Thanks for all that great info! Sounds overall like a good deal!

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