T-Mobile 5g coverage

Do RW subscribers have access to T-Mobile’s 5g network?

Since there aren’t any Republic Wireless approved phones compatible with T-Mobile’s 5G network, the answer is no for now. I can’t speak to the future plans.

What phones are 5g compatible?

According to T-Mobile, the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G phones and the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren. I also see a Galaxy Note10+ 5G that is not listed on their 5G promotions page. The cheapest of the lot is ~$900.

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Yea…TM and VZW both are pushy over the 5G thing.
But, very very few can even use it, cause there is only a few select phones that exist that are 5G capable.

Perhaps the Pixel 5 model end of this year will be 5G???

And high speed 5G coverage is FAR from rolled out in anything approaching a widespread manner. Check out AT&T’s 5G coverage.

T-Mobile’s “Nationwide 5G” is nothing more than a minor upgrade from LTE. There’s a good overview of that here: https://q13fox.com/2019/12/06/t-mobile-launches-5g-nationwide-with-mixed-reviews/

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VZW has 5G working network here in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul Downtown area…a space of a few city blocks I am told. I live in a suburb…and never travel downtown.

Hi @bob7794,

I’m sorry you didn’t receive an answer.

The My Choice plan allows you to add 4G LTE data (where available).

Officially the plan does not include 5G speeds.

We are seeing some reports that in areas where T-Mobile offers 5G, a 5G-capable phone will indicate 5G, and speedtests are reporting higher speeds than would be typical for 4G. While we do not officially offer data at 5G speeds, if it works, there is no penalty or surcharge for using it.

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