T-Mobile & 911

T-Mobile to send top engineers to Dallas after infant dies during 911 meltdown | WFAA.com

If I’m on wi-fi, E911 is used, but if I’m on cellular, it’s all T-Mobile, right? …:-/

The way it used to work is that cellular was the first path to 911. VOIP only kicked in as a last resort. I assume it still works that way.

My understanding is @cbwahlstrom is correct. Unlike everything else Republic, 911 is cell first. Confirmed here: Emergency Services: 911 and E911.

Well… That’s worrisome.

911 is Cell first but not necessary T-Mobile towers first (it will use any tower that has a strong signal to make 911 no matter which carrier owns that tower)

there was a AT&T 911 issue the other day also so this is not just a T-Mobile issue

VOIP 911 unless called from address on file may send the wrong 911 center as it will send you to the call center of the e911 address on file (even if your in a different state) this is why it’s Cell First

As mentioned by @drm186, 911 is cell first by necessity. If Republic relied on VoIP first for 911, emergency services would indeed be dispatched to the 911 address of record for your account. Not much use if you’re out and about with your mobile phone and need help.

Regarding the unfortunate situation in Dallas, I’m not excusing T-Mobile but every major carrier wireless or wireline (landline) has been assessed significant fines by the FCC related to 911 outages. Worrisome, yes, but issues with 911 are by no means limited to T-Mobile.

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