T-Mobile and Sprint in the news

T-Mobile isn’t shutting down Sprint’s network and just “losing” the coverage. The reason they are shutting it down is because as they do that they’re transitioning it to be part of their network. At the end of everything there will be one Sprint/T-Mobile combined network that is pure LTE & 5G and everywhere that has coverage now should continue to have coverage.

So does pure LTE mean VOIP? Then there won’t be enough bandwidth for VOIP. I already don’t have enough bandwidth.

Nearly all voice traffic carried on cellular networks for the last few years has been VoLTE (with the exception being the Sprint network). As of 2021 well over 90% off all calls are VoLTE and once the legacy GSM/CDMA networks are decommissioned 100% of called will be VoLTE or the 5G equivalent. For consumer services Verizon has been 100% VoLTE since 1/1. In any case, yes it is technically voice-over-ip but the data for the voice channel has the highest priority on the network. If you make a call and the LTE indicator on your phone doesn’t go away, you’re making a VoLTE call. There’s no need to worry about bandwidth. The turn down of the circuit switched network will make that old CDMA/GSM allocated BW available.

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Neither Sprint nor T-Mobile deliver a reliable signal to my home but I get along just fine using my cell on WiFi and have my home phone system connected to one of RW’s Extend Home adapters. Since my Samsung phone does VoLTE it now uses both Sprint and T-Mobile LTE so my cell has somewhat better service than before the merger.


My dilemma is that that I am somewhat rural and the only internet option is LTE cell data. At times we have 2-3 people in the household that have zoom meetings. There are constant bandwidth issues, glitchy and kickouts. For my kids in school, this disrupts their attendance, class time and learning. We have AT&T for our main personal internet access and cheapest /GB, 2 separate Verizon hot spots, and at times 3 internet sources are not enough. The limited highest /GB Republic Wireless cell data gets you about 1 hour of Zoom for 1 GB. To free up internet bandwidth, I call into my meetings with RW on analog CDMA (it does not go to VoLTE). It is always available and does not drop for more than 1 hour. Analog CDMA is another way to connect that is going away in about 1 year. So unless there are improvements in bandwidth and new cell towers/antennas in my area from AT&T/Verizon/T-Mobile I will be worse off. Sorry for the rant.

It’s not just going away. The reason it is going away is so that the bandwidth can be freed up for LTE/5G. It would expect that as part of the CDMA decommissioning those airwaves will be converted to an LTE or 5G (or both) signal which may change the way you connect, but shouldn’t degrade it.

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