T-Mobile Band 71 rollout progress in the SouthEast

Does anyone have a link to the progress that T-Mobile is making in rolling out Band 71 in the Southeastern USA, particularly in south-central Mississippi? I am talking about a recent link (less than 2 months old).
The coverage around here on T-Mobile is abysmal. I switched my spouse over to the CDMA partner a while back, and her phone works o.k. around these parts, but I don’t think I have been able to ever use more than 200mb of data in a month since I have been on the GSM partner. I frequently get the block triangle at the top of my Z3 Play when I am out and about saying NO coverage. Usually that means I cannot even text. Voice works sometimes when texting does not, which is weird. Luckily my GMC Truck has the Onstar AT&T plan, and R.W. phones work great over it. When I am in my “other” car, I am stuck with mostly nothing. I know if I put in the paperwork to switch over to the CDMA partner they will install the band 71 hardware immediately thereafter. It is nice when we travel off to another state to have both wireless partners (one cdma, one GSM), but I should not have to carry a backup mobile hotspot just so I can use my phone in my primary area of existence. I don’t think there is anything that I should have to update on a GSM phone like the PRL? Thanks!

Mississippi the cell towers there are dominated and owned by CSpire.
Other carriers have to pay contract with CSpire in order to use their towers.
Was told this by an old college roommate who used to work at Cspire store as manager, then later Corporate.

T-Mobile is pretty aggressive at updating their maps on the their website. If it isn’t on the website it likely hasn’t been put in place as they tend to do the map updates basically every week.

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Posting 2 links that may help identify the T-Mobile native Band 71 / 600mH coverage. These 2 maps are usually updated around the 5th-8th day of every month.

This 1st link displays a T-Mobile coverage map where you can click on a spot and it will display the bands available and their strength. What you would be looking for is the 4G LTE 600 and hopefully something more than the symbol of Outdoors. By clicking around the map, you should eventually find the symbol for Indoor Commericial which should indicate the general vicinity of the T-Mobile tower.


This 2nd link is a creation by a guy who wrote a script to pull the coverage info from the above map and put it into a grid using Google Maps. it does not indicate that there if full 4G LTE 600 coverage for the area, just that it found a some kind of coverage for that exact spot on the T-Mobile map.


For the SE area of MS south of Hattiesburg and Biloxi, it doesn’t appears to have any active Band 71 towers. This is probably due to WXXV-TV on channel 48 not having or just recently moved to channel 25 yet to free up the 600 MHz frequency. The good news is that this station is in Phase 5 and all stations in this phase should have completed their move by 9/6/2019, and T-Mobile can start installing the Band 71 antennas. The bad news for areas closer to AL, is that Mobile station WEIQ, Fort Walton WFGX, and Pensacola WJTC is not scheduled to move till Phase 7 or 1/17/2020.


Thanks Haptown! Hopefully deployment will start moving forward quickly now. I am tired of the dreaded triangle of death. One day I am going to really need data, and I will be ■■■.
I had seen this one before: https://coverage.lart2150.com
It really does not show any good news for me.

The map you linked above shows all green for my surrounding area, which is hard to believe!
I can be in the grocery store downtown by the community college, and cannot get a signal at checkout to use my customer appreciation card. I had to print it out so they could scan it at checkout.
I also have it in Google Wallet too, but I cannot login to the grocery store app to add coupons.
I have to do it at home first then go to the grocery store. I am beginning to wonder if there is not something wrong with my phone, but it works in the big cities I visit, so I think it is a local phenomena.

SpeedingCheetah: If I was going to bail on R.W. it would be for Cspire. My paw-in-law switched to Xfinity mobile from Cspire (Xfinity Mobile comes for just taxes with his service), and the rep at Cspire helped me more than Xfinity did. They seem to be top notch, but you pay for that too.

Thanks everyone for listening to my complaining, I will step off the soap box.

I’ll throw this out there for your consideration. You could ask to be switched to Sprint coverage now, then switch back when Band 71 becomes available. It doesn’t have to be a one-way ticket.

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R.W. offered to do that for me, and I did swap my wife’s Moto X4 to CDMA, but I am going to hold out for a little while longer. I could Velcro my Karma Wifi hotspot to my Moto Z3 Play, and then I could have a Google FI-like experience without the auto-switching and without the US Cellular component.
Band 71 was supposed to be what saves rural Mississippi for T-Mobile users, so I will give them till Jan 2020 but after that, it will be CDMA time!

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